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Do Generators Need Maintenance?

Generac worker testing the Generac home generator

Do Generators Need Maintenance?

Like any engine, your generator also needs routine service and maintenance. This ensures its efficient performance and smooth running. 

Generators are usually used as backup power; keeping up the maintenance will ensure your generator is ready whenever needed. 

This article will briefly discuss the importance of generator maintenance and how to do it. Read this article to learn all the information related to generator maintenance. 

Importance of Generator Maintenance

Here is a list of reasons you should gamble on maintaining your generator. These reasons are: 

Easily Catches and Repairs Generator Problems 

When not regularly maintained, a generator’s internal combustion engine can pose a serious risk of carbon monoxide (CO) production, which is highly toxic if inhaled.

Proper maintenance by a technician includes positioning the generator to release fumes outdoors instead of indoors. Ensuring a clean generator can also be incredibly beneficial in minimizing CO emissions.

 Preventive measures like regular servicing and cleanliness are vital to guarantee the safe operation of generators, safeguarding occupants from the potentially fatal effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Prevents Fuel Problems 

Generators running on diesel should have a tank refill at least twice yearly. The fuel deteriorates with time, especially when the generators don’t operate long. 

Therefore, it is recommended to drain and refill the entire fuel system. This is essential for the proper observation of fuel levels along with the change in supply. This will ultimately prevent all the fuel problems and such other problems that are associated with it. 

Saves Money 

Neglecting regular maintenance for your standby generator might seem like a money-saving move in the short term. However, this neglect can lead to substantial and expensive repairs.

 To safeguard your investment and ensure uninterrupted engine operation, performing basic maintenance tasks such as changing fuel and air filters, draining coolant, and checking the fuel supply regularly is crucial. 

Overlooking these tasks for an extended period may even necessitate replacing the entire unit, which can be a significant financial burden, particularly considering the rising cost of standby generators. Prioritizing maintenance is key to extending the life and efficiency of your generator.

Final Thoughts 

Generators that lack proper maintenance tend to have reduced lifespans. To avoid constantly searching for a diesel generator for sale, it is wise to protect your investment.

 Ensuring regular maintenance and adhering to scheduled service intervals and timely shutdowns can prevent startup issues and keep your generator running smoothly for many years. 

Taking care of your generator in this manner guarantees its long-lasting performance and reliability, sparing you from the hassle of frequently seeking replacements.

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