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Extend The Life of Your Generator

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Extend The Life of Your Generator

Extend The Life of Your Generator

A generator needs regular upkeep to remain in good working conditions. 

Adequate generator maintenance will boost the life span extension of your generator, which will save you more in the long run. We will introduce you to maintenance tips that will enhance the life span of your generator. 

  • Inspect the batteries 

It doesn’t matter if you are using the generator; the water levels in the battery may decrease after some time. So, make sure to regularly check the water levels of your battery because a low liquid level can destroy the battery. 

When the battery inside the generator is working, the process triggers the creation of gaps between the terminals or poles of the battery, which brings about oxidation between them (the formation of cathode and anode at the terminals). 

To protect your battery from damage, you must clean the terminals and tighten them. If you don’t warm up your generator for some time, it can also cause damage to the battery. It would help if you started it frequently to boost its effectiveness for an extended period. 

Also, ensure the battery is free of leakage or corrosion because it helps keep the water topped off and fresh. 

  • Keep it clean

Clean your generator regularly to prevent dust, dirt, or debris buildup affecting its performance. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove any dirt from the exterior surfaces. Be cautious around electrical components and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning.

  • Fuel quality and storage

Use clean, high-quality fuel for your generator. Ensure the fuel is appropriately stored in a well-ventilated area, away from open flames or heat sources. If you use gasoline, consider adding a fuel stabilizer to prevent degradation.

  • Oil and filter changes

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for oil and filter changes. Regularly check the oil level and condition of the oil. Replace the oil and filters at the specified intervals or when necessary. Use the recommended oil type and filters for your specific generator model.

  • Safety precautions:

Always prioritize safety when working with or around your generator. Follow all the manufacturer’s safety instructions, including proper grounding, ventilation, and avoiding contact with hot surfaces. If you’re unsure about any maintenance task, consult a professional.

Remember, specific maintenance requirements may vary depending on your generator’s type, model, and capacity. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you follow the appropriate maintenance procedures for your generator.

  • Warm up the generator

 Run your generator under load periodically, even if you don’t need it for power. This exercise helps ensure that all components function properly and prevents fuel system issues due to fuel sitting idle for long periods.

  • Professional servicing

 Consider having your generator professionally serviced regularly or when you encounter significant issues. Qualified technicians can perform thorough inspections and tune-ups and address any specific concerns you may have concerning the generator.

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