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Fall Generator Tips

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Fall Generator Tips

Generator maintenance is often a rare activity most homeowners do. Particularly in a world with a constant electricity supply, the use of generators is nonexistent. However, repairing generators should be constant and scheduled as emergencies can occur anytime. Experts recommend repairing your generators a season before winter to ensure it is ready and in good condition. Aside from being ready for usage, proper generator maintenance prolongs its life and makes it less prone to damage. Here are some fall generator tips you should follow. 

Fall generator tips you should know

The following are some generator tips to follow this fall season.

Keep your generator vents away from obstruction

Generator vents are particularly important for your family and the generator itself. Due to fuel or gas combustion, generators emit a toxic amount of CO, which must be sent out into the environment. If it is left to combust inside your home, CO can cause poisoning, which can lead to choking, organ failure, and even death. Hence, ensure your generator vents are cleared and debris-free to ensure CO is vented to the atmosphere.  

Keep your generator oil level optimal

Depending on the brand and manufacturer, generators have different oil levels; hence, the only way to be sure of this is to check the manual or online. Moreover, check the required oil brand and viscosity to avoid engine damage. The essence of a generator oil is to lubricate the machine components and prevent friction. If you do not know when or how to check your oil levels or put in more oil, there are several ways to do this. 

If your generator runs for an extended period or has run for over 100 hours, it’s time to check and top the oil level. Also, if your generator gives off a shaky or choky sound before starting, it requires more oil. You can also use the dipstick and check the level of oil. Some newer generator models are built with a “low oil shutoff sensor” that automatically kills the engine if there is no oil available. 

Change the generator battery biannually 

Although generators use fuel to run and generate electricity, they still require a battery to crank the engine electrically. These batteries supply a direct current of voltage 12 to 24 to the motor engine. They are often under constant charge; however, their efficiency reduces after two to three years. Make sure you change these batteries biannually so that your generator motor is charged with the right amount of current. 

Check your generator convenience light to see if it needs maintenance servicing

Many generators are built with a convenience light located at the side of the panel door. This light indicates the status of the generators and allows you to take appropriate action. For instance, green signifies perfect and fit to run; yellow signifies okay but needs servicing, while red means unable to run. 

How Advanced Generator Solutions can help?

Advanced Generator Solutions offers expert generator installation and maintenance services. We install only the highest quality backup generator solutions from Generac. At Advanced Generator Solutions, we understand that generator ownership comes with a lot of responsibilities, and we are ready to offset this responsibility for a reasonable amount of money. We offer regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs to ensure your generator is ready for winter. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form for more information!

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