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Generator Installation

Generac Certified Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Trust the Massachusetts Home Generator Experts

Advanced Generator Solutions will leave your home safer than we found it. We provide home backup generator installations to homeowners all over Massachusetts. Our Generac generators are reliable, durable, and on budget, guaranteed to satisfy all your needs. We understand how important electricity is to every homeowner’s daily life. Don’t let storms leave your home dark and worried, take action and install one of our Generac generators today! Not only will it make your home more independent, but it will save your family in the long run!

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Discover the Best Generator Option for Your Home

Not Sure which generator is best for your home? Not a problem. Contact us via our contact form or call us at
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26kW Generator

Recommended for 3,500 - 6,000 SQ/FT. Homes

The 26kW home standby generator can start your homes large appliances. It also has 28% more motor starting power compared to competitive output air-colled products. 

10kW Generator​

Recommended for 1,000 - 3,500 SQ/FT. Homes

The 10kW home generator provides a more affordable solution that powers 16 circuits of your home with 100-amp.

Professional Generator Installation

What’s Involved in installing a home generator?

Our team of professional technicians will assess your home’s situation and help you determine what is the best solution. Once that is decided, we will install your generator at your home, right outside by your house where it is safe. Once the installation area is prepared, we will place the generator, run the natural gas or liquid propane fuel line, install the transfer switch, and make all necessary electrical connections. Our technicians will ensure the generator is set up properly and is prepared for its first power outage.

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