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How Do Home Generators Work?

Generac home generator outside a home next to bushes

How Do Home Generators Work?

When a house loses power, it is an unfortunate and inconvenient experience. If a Summer thunderstorm comes your way, it leaves homes without electricity, hot, and even worse, food to spoil. In unfortunate times like these, having a home generator is a significant relief. Homeowners with a whole home generator no longer fear the dark, stormy nights without electricity or appliances to use. They can rest assured knowing their home will only be out of power for a few seconds, not a long time! Before purchasing your home generator, read below to find out how home generators work and how to get your very own today!


How Generators Work in Your Home

When your home has an electrical outage, your home generator senses this and automatically turns itself on whether you are home or away. It will start to generate electricity for your home within seconds after identifying the problem. It works hard to send power to your home by restoring your electricity and appliances and continues until utility power is restored. 

Where are Generators Stored?

Most homes store their generators outside their home as it is a well-ventilated area. Home generators use gas as fuel, putting your home at high risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if stored inside. Outside is the best place to store your home generator because it is safe, has room to breathe, and can keep the gas at its best. 

Are Home Generators Loud?

Many homeowners fear that it will generate loud noise when buying a home generator. The noise your generator produces can depend on the size of the generator you install. Most generators make a sound similar to the one you hear when mowing the lawn. The noises your home generator makes only occur when it is in use. When you’re not running it, you will hardly remember you have a generator because it is completely quiet. Some units can be made more modest for a premium cost, but the average generator’s sound is nothing to complain about. 


Get Your Home Generator Now

At Advanced Generator Solutions, we work with the leading manufacturer, Generac, to provide whole-home generators with the highest protection. Our generators are reliable, durable, and safe for whatever storm comes your way. Contact us today to learn more about our home generators and generator installation.   


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