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Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Install a Home Generator

Generac home generator outside a home

Reasons Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Install a Home Generator

If you’ve been paying attention to the weather outside, you know that things seem a bit different than in years past. You might be asking yourself, what’s up with the weather? The truth is that so far, in 2024, there have been 97 tornadoes. And hurricanes? There have already been 16 tropical storms, six major hurricanes, and 11 smaller ones. That’s a lot of bad weather.

When this bad weather makes its ugly and unwelcome appearance, it can mean power outages. Some of those outages can last hours if not days. This can be quite a problem, especially when we rely on power and electricity so much. When the power goes out, it might mean we lose hot water, our furnace might give out, and we likely can’t watch television or access the internet. So what do you do? The easy answer is to invest in a home generator.

5 Reasons You Should Install a Home Generator Now

When it comes to taking out the trash, filling up the gas tank on your car, or starting dinner, it can be easy to say, “Oh, that can wait.” But the truth is that delaying some of these things can have serious consequences. Delaying taking out the trash may result in a stinky kitchen, and delaying dinner might leave some hungry tummies in your household. But waiting to fill your car with gas can leave you stranded on the side of the road.

When it comes to getting a home generator, this task should be prioritized. After all, it’s too late to purchase and install that generator when the power goes out. After reading this article, you’ll wish you had done it earlier, like right now.

That said, here are five reasons you should install a home generator now:

Storm Protection

This reason is for sure the most obvious. A home generator acts as a shield during severe storms, ensuring your family remains safe and comfortable. When the grid fails, your generator keeps critical systems running smoothly, preventing the chaos that a power outage can bring to your doorstep.

Preservation of Perishables

The fridge and freezer are lifelines for your food supply. Without power, hundreds of dollars worth of groceries can spoil in hours. A generator keeps these appliances operational, safeguarding your food from spoilage and saving you a lot of money and inconvenience.

Keep Your Sump Pump Running

Basements and crawl spaces are vulnerable to flooding during heavy rainfalls, especially without a working sump pump. A generator ensures your sump pump continues to protect your home from water damage, saving you from potentially costly repairs and the hassle of dealing with flood aftermath.

Home Comfort

Maintaining a cozy and comfy home environment is necessary during extreme weather conditions. Whether keeping your air conditioning running during a scorching summer blackout or ensuring your heating system works during a winter storm, a home generator makes this possible.

Remote Work Continuity 

Even though many businesses across the U.S. are calling employees back to the office, hundreds of thousands of remote workers remain. And when you’re working at home or from a coffee shop, you need reliable power to stay connected and get your job done. A power outage can disrupt important meetings, deadlines, and educational activities. A generator keeps your devices charged and your internet running and ensures that work (and school) activities continue uninterrupted.

Need Expert Generator Installation or Maintenance Services?

If you are ready to install your home generator and need assistance, the team at Advanced Generator Solutions can help. Or, perhaps your generator is on the fritz, and you need to get it running again. We’re there for you with expert installation and maintenance services. Request an appointment today and make sure you have power when you need it most! Give us a call or fill out our online contact form.

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