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The Best Locations To Install Your Home Generator

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The Best Locations To Install Your Home Generator

Are you tired of having home blackouts during scary and unpredictable storms!? You should consider installing a whole-home generator to stop the darkness and incapabilities in your home! Installing a home generator is one of the most significant investments for your home. When the power goes out, it can be a scary and uncertain time for families. Being unable to use important electronics and appliances can be stressful, especially when you are unsure how long it will take to get the power back. With a whole-home generator, you will never have to worry about that again and can enjoy living your life normally, no matter the weather conditions. If you are in the process of purchasing a home generator, you may ask yourself, “where do I install a home generator?”. Please take a look below at some of the best locations to install your home generator. 


You should always install a home generator outside of your home. These generators can produce exhaust that risks carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing them outside in a large, well-ventilated area is the best way to reduce the risk of this deadly and silent killer. Outside is also the perfect place to install your home generator because it won’t cause you to hear the noise they make from inside your home. Although standby home generators are much less noisy than portable generators, it is still the safest to locate them outside your home, so any noise they make will be less likely to be heard inside your home. 

On Stable Ground

When installing your home generator, make sure you are placing it on stable ground. Check to ensure that the area you are putting it in is not susceptible to flooding, which could cause extensive damage and repairs later. It is also important to check that the area you plan on installing your home generator is not susceptible to snow drifts. During snow storms, if your generator is completely covered with snow, it may reduce its effectiveness of the generator. Installing on the stable ground helps you prevent safety concerns, damage, fines, and hazards to your home.

Away From Neighbors and Bedrooms

As mentioned before, standby home generators are relatively quiet, and placing them outside is still a good idea. That said, place the home generator as far away from your bedrooms and neighbors as possible. If the noise may be irritating, putting it far away, where it can disturb yourself and others, are the best location to install your generator. Aside from the noise, it is best not to place it too close to your bedroom windows or neighbor’s windows to prevent exhaust wind from blowing into your vents or between your window. To ensure this, install the home generator with the exhaust facing away from your home, with enough space to not be directly into your neighbors. There are specific requirements for installing home generators, so it is crucial to check depending on your location. 

Close To Fuel Line

The best location to install your home generator is close to the fuel line. This is the best and safest way to ensure your home generator will run efficiently and effectively. The closer the fuel line, the less it will have to travel to your generator. The fuel pipes don’t have to run far, and it prevents friction affecting the pipes and preventing a steady flow of fuel to your home generator. When you install your home generator close to the fuel line, it may also help you cut the installation cost and other materials necessary for a home generator installation.  

Home Generator Installation in East Wareham, MA

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