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The Importance of Generator Maintenance

Generac worker testing the Generac home generator

The Importance of Generator Maintenance

While power outages can be rare, they can still leave you without access to your daily essentials. And that is precisely where your generator will come into play. However, you need to be careful with generator maintenance, especially if there’s a considerable gap between uses. 

Why it is essential to maintain a generator:

Your generator can help you keep the lights on in an emergency, but you also have to be careful of how you maintain it. 

Catch small issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Getting regular maintenance of your generator is one of the most important ways to notice any minor issues with the generator. These small issues can quickly turn into a serious concern, usually making them a ticking time bomb of sorts. Along with being more expensive to repair, they can also stop working while you are using them. 

In addition to the visual inspection of the generation, a skillful technician will keep a maintenance checklist to confirm the perfect working state of your generator.

Peace of mind 

Regular maintenance can make your generator a lot more reliable since you never have to worry about it failing you during an emergency. More importantly, there are fewer instances of your generator running into hiccups and possibly stopping. 

Most maintenance checkups rarely involve major changes, as they are just checking to see if your generator is in proper working condition. 

Saving your costs 

Regular maintenance can start to feel a little expensive, especially with the strict deadlines they give you. However, it’s worth considering that the money you spend on maintenance is still less than what you would spend if your generator runs into problems. 

You will have to expect to pay between $200 and $500 in case of complex mechanical faults in the generator. This doesn’t just save you money; it also saves you the trouble of calling someone to repair the generator during an emergency. 

Reduces fuel consumption

The older a generator gets, the further its efficiency diminishes. And without the right measures, it can consume more fuel than necessary to produce the same amount of electricity. But with regular maintenance, you can make sure that you will not be consuming more fuel than necessary. So not only can you save on costly repairs, but it also saves you money in the short term. 

Reach out to Advanced Generator Solutions

Generator maintenance is an essential part of keeping your generator healthy and running more efficiently. Along with saving you from sudden and expensive repairs, it also ensures that your generator will last longer. In that case, Advanced Generator Solutions is here to provide you with industry-leading repair and maintenance, making sure that your generator lasts a long time. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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