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What Size Generator Do I Need?

Generac home generator

What Size Generator Do I Need?

A whole-house generator is something every homeowner should have. With increases in severe storms and other weather-related disasters that can cause lengthy power outages, a generator is essential. To keep your home and your family safe and comfortable in any weather, a generator is the best option. But what size generator do you need for your home? Before you choose a generator, you need to know more about generators.

Understanding the Basics of Generators

Generators come in various power capacities, sizes, and shapes to fit any house. But to choose the right generator for your specific home, you need to consider these things:

  • Power Output (kW)

Generator energy is measured in kilowatts or kW. Small portable generators that don’t have much power generate a small amount of kWs, while whole house generators or industrial-size generators put out a large amount of kWs. Typically, portable generators put out around 18 kW, while large house models can generate up to 80 kW. 

The generator size you need depends on your energy needs, the climate you live in, and how many people are living in your home. A small generator is probably all you need if you live alone in a small house. But if you have a larger home, lots of people living in the home, or someone in the home that uses medical equipment you will need a more significant generator that puts out more kWs. 

  • Voltage

Voltage is the pressure from the electrical circuit’s power. Different appliances use different voltages. Residential or house generators are designed to meet the requirements of household appliances so they can be run safely on the power from a generator. 

  • Location

Where the generator is placed is very important. The generator needs to be in a space with proper ventilation, and it needs to be a certain distance from the house for safety reasons. The size of the generator you get should fit the size of the space you have for installing a generator. 

  • Power Need

Generators are classified as standby, portable, or inverter based on the consistency of the power that they produce. Standby generators are the ones that most homeowners choose because they can power an entire house or just a few circuits, depending on the situation. 

Understanding How Much Power You Need

When homeowners choose a generator, they should think about how much power they use daily. The generator’s size and power should be a concern, as should the generator’s efficiency. It’s a good idea for homeowners to consult energy experts like the pros at Advanced Generator Solutions to have a home energy assessment done. Technicians can come to your home and help you determine how much energy you will need, then help you choose a generator to deliver that power. 

What Size Whole-Home Generator Do I Need?

When you’re choosing a whole-home generator, the biggest considerations should be:

  • The size needed for consistent whole-house power.
  • The fuel efficiency of the generator.
  • The longevity of the generator with proper maintenance.
  • The safety of the generator.

To figure out what size whole-home generator will keep your house powered up throughout any emergency and to choose a reputable generator brand, the best thing to do is talk to our professionals at Advanced Generator Solutions. We can help you choose a generator, install it, and maintain it. We used only the best, most trusted generators in the industry from Generac. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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